The solo projects are created in response to invitations for special occasions or on our own initiative. They are often contextualized, site-specific creations, inspired by a specific place, object, musical piece or art work. They are the fruit of our collaboration with other artists : musicians, visual artists, authors and others.

Solo performance inspired and created out of musical electroacoustic pieces of the composer Charles Platel, for the En Chair et en Son festival #7. Présented at the Aleph Theater, Ivry sur Seine, on November 23.

Hybrid Identities
Performance inspired by the exhibition Hybrid Identities by visual artist Maria Peña Coto on nomadic, travelling, expatriate and immigrant women. In collaboration with musician/singer Xiao Xiao, we imagined a performance nourished by our own experiences of migration, retracing the fundamental stages of displacement: leaving home, the hope and difficulty of the journey, the encounter with the Other, the transformation of oneself, the (re)departure for a new journey.
This performance was presented at the Galerie du Génie de la Bastille, Paris, on May 1, 2022.

Dance solo performance inspired by sculptor Yiyan Zhou’s “Greffe” art jewelry series. The dance is inspired by both the forms of the artworks, spiral, circular, waving forms, as well as by the quality of the materials used, the smoothness, the fragility, the plasticity of porcelain and bronze.
It was presented at the closing event of Yiyan Zhou’s exhibition in the MiniMasterpiece Gallery (Paris), on April 21, 2022, with live music by flutist Xipeng Guo and reading of Yiyan Zhou’s poems.

Candida ut lilium
Piece created in collaboration with Les Elancées, vocal trio of medieval music and contemporary improvisation. For this piece we have specifically worked on the song Candida virginitas ut lilium that the singers deconstruct and recompose in real time on stage, to accompany the dance which explores in a poetic way the different aspects of white color as a cultural and religious symbol.
Presented at :
Le Vent se Lève, Paris – 2 june 2019
Église de Thury – 29 june 2019,
Chapelle St.Pierre de Tonnerre – 30 june 2019,
Nuit des églises Couvent Bénédictines de Vanves – 13 october 2019

Princess Bari
Solo created for the piece Bari of the MIR Repertory Theater (Korea), based on the Korean shamanic legend of princess Bari.
Presented at :
Auditorium of INALCO, Paris – 6 june 2019
Nuit Sacrée festival, Church St. Merry, Paris – 8 june 2019

En toute intimité
Solo performance presented in the installation Dans les branches of Maif Social Club, Paris on March 2019.
Event organised by La Fabrique de la Danse.

Solo performance created specifically for the acousmatic musical piece Cosmogonie of the composer Michel Titin-Schnaider. It was presented at the festival ”Licence accueille Chair et son”, which took place at the 100ECS theater, in Paris. March 2019.

En Chair et en son Festival, Le Cube, Paris octobre 2018
This festival is proposing an encounter between a performer and a composer of acousmatic music. The performance itself is taking place inside an acousmonium of 36 speakers.
This solo was the result of a collaboration with the composer Vincent
Lauboeuf (Motus), inspired by his musical pieces Le chant des sanctuaires and Le bruit des temple.

L’esprit du chateau
Bords d’Yerres, Maison des arts du Brunoy, France, June 2017
Site specific solo inspired by the architecture of the Town Hall of the city of Brunoy, a 19th century’s historical monument, in an event organised by the City.

Butô dans mon jardin, Brunoy, France, June 2016
Solo inspired by Renoir’s famous painting A Girl with a Watering Can,
created and presented on the occasion of the Buto dans mon jardin event series, organised by the composer Michel Titin-Schnaider.

La Sirène
Blooming island, Andros, Greece, May 2016
Performance created for and presented as part of a guided urban walk in Andros island, organised by the local Asipka theater company in collaboration with the danish choreographer Kitt Johnson.
This solo is the result of a research on the history, mythology and social function of the specific crossroads and its mirror.

Nuit Blanche, Pole Simon Lefranc, Paris, September 2015
This solo is inspired by the famous Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking scene. It’s a collaboration with the video artist Cléophée Moser, presented as part of the event Sons d’Anthropocene, organised by Aventures Electroacoustiques.