In fluence

Three dancers, like human seaweeds, immersed deep into invisible water. Passing by streams are taking control of the bodies, making them move, turn, swing and swirl. In a eternal attempt to find balance, take control of their steps and move forward…

Teaser In fluence by Sierra Kinsora

Choreographic research
In my choreographic work, the matter is often the starting point of my research. For the piece In fluence, I focus on the exploration of water: its texture, its density, its quality of movement and interaction with other materials. This exploration is part of the study that I have been pursuing since the beginning of my first experiences with butoh, more than 10 years ago. The effect of weightlessness and the slowing down of movement due to the resistance of the water, the fluidity, and the constant micro-movement caused by the opposing forces in the water, the silence that reigns at the bottom of the sea are some of the characteristics that fascinate me in the aquatic environment and that I try to recreate in this dance through the invention of a specific gestural vocabulary.
In the choreographic piece “In fluence” we have three bodies immersed into an imaginary aquatic environment. The liquid mass is materialized by the performers’ bodies, turning into visible the invisible environment, its texture and quality, like a mind-to-mind projection through the materiality of the bodies.

Theme of the piece
I see the image of seaweeds abandoned in the streams as an allegory of the human condition. We imagine the world made up of solid, autonomous and independent entities, but in reality everything manifests itself in interdependence, in a process that is continuously unfolding. We are all connected to each other and to the natural environment. And we are constantly caught into streams, cultural, social and emotional influences which move us, go through and out of us marked by our own influence which will be casted on others. It is through all of these streams that we try to find balance and move forward.
How do we find our own way despite the currents?
But also, how can we realize that our decisions, our habits here and now carry their influence on the other side of the world?
This is the discussion I would like to open through this choreographic piece.

Artistic team
Choreographer: Efi Farmaki
Dancers: Lucie Gemon, Yael Heynderickx, Pierre Théoleyre
Sound: Efi Farmaki
Vocals: Adelie Aue
Videos and photos: Sierra Kinsora

Useful information
Show for all audiences that can be played on stage or site-specific, indoors or outdoors.
Duration: 40 minutes

Video-extracts of In fluence